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Initial Consultation Inclusions/Exclusions

The majority of the initial consultations we visit are completely free, however, if you fall within the points outlined below, there may be a charge, and in most cases refundable, if you agree to proceed with our services to Stage 1.

Table of Initial Consultation Charges

  • If you own your home/property and are within 30 miles of Stroud your initial consultation is FREE with no additional expenses.

  • If you are further than 30 miles we can still visit you, but we would charge a refundable cost of £200.

  • If your project is more than 250 miles away from Stroud, please get in contact for a tailored initial consultation fee.

  • If you haven't brought your home yet or are in the process of buying, we charge a refundable fee of £250.

  • If you would like any further meetings following our initial consultation, and prior to our appointment, we would charge £70 per hour, per architect for a meeting.

Initial Consultation Charges Refund policy: 

Charged fees will only be refunded to you from our invoice at the end of our Stage 1 work if you decide to go ahead with us and an appointment is in place. We cannot provide a refund if you do not proceed to Stage 1. Please note that in all cases (except free) additional charges of expenses are charged separately such as mileage, and are non-refundable. Additional meetings on top of our initial meeting are also non-refundable. Expenses are defined as milage at 45p per mile, Emission Zone charges + Parking (if applicable).

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