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Academia Work 

RIBA Awards Silver Nomination for MArch Work 2018

University of Plymouth  | UK

2100 Macau, China:

Shifting Attitudes for our Vulnerable Future

Like many coastal cities, Macau faces devastating challenges posed by rapid climatic changes of the 2100 predicted rising sea levels. The proposal introduces an artefact, a groyne, which forms a shifting landscape. This ecosystem is a flood management device, a natural sponge to protect the city. The presense of the device within the shifting landscape, challenges perceptions about values of nature, landscape and ecology through recording its ever-changing condition.

groynes 2.JPG

The Groyne as a catalyst
The implementation of the groynes are the initial gesture, a deep carving into the land that will enable the new landscape to form from the building up of sandbanks over time. 

Paul Vilirio, Bunker Archeology
Vilirio studied the strangely compelling German bunkers that lie abandoned along the coast of France. These ghostly reminders leaving a scar in the landscape. The proposition is a heavyweight concrete spine complete with its sheer walls and designed to withstand the pressure and force of water at the given depth.At the same time, it makes its mark in the ever changing landscape.

groynes bunker.JPG
Link Between City and Water.jpg
Urban Strategy The Urban Symbiosis smaller.JPG
entrance smaller.JPG
Sectional Axonometric.jpg
divers smaller.JPG
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